Hole Family Tree


Linda Lee Hole

b. 1962 - d. 2015

This is a legacy family website and is no longer active.
My family moved from Medicine Hat to Calgary when I was only 3 years old. I graduated from Crescent Heights High School (1980) and later graduated from SAIT. When I took ill, I worked for the Wellhead Division of Weatherford, where my boss, Craig Fisher, has been amazing to me, especially since being diagnosed with esophageal cancer in September of 2013. Definitely a shock!

I have been fortunate to have taken vacations travelling to China, Japan, Malaysia, and also Katmandu, Nepal. I climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan, and even hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

The hobby I have enjoyed the most is genealogy. I have travelled to various places in Canada, United States, Sweden, Norway, France, Denmark, England and Wales, meeting distant relatives and friends. I have been a member of the Alberta Family History Society for many years. After years of working on my family tree, and collecting obituaries for research since the age of 13, it's kind of ironic that I would be writing my own obituary.

The best thing that ever happened to me was when I became a mom to my daughters. They have been my greatest joy and my proudest achievement and I love them more than anything. I was always involved in their activities whether it was baseball, being a guide leader, taking them to their dance classes, drama plays, and all things a proud mom would do. Many years later. I still get together with the other guide leaders to play cards on a regular basis.

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